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Beman Arrows at Valley Stream Archery

The new Beman ICS Hunter.

When internal fit carbon took the industry by storm, it took Beman to develop the next generation shaft designed for bowhunters. ICS Hunter has a more dense, heavier design for better kinetic energy. The new, ultra durable design will withstand the punishment bowhunters dish out. And a polished, super smooth finish makes ICS Hunter the quietest shaft when coming to full draw and it won't chew up arrow rests like the others. Plus, it pulls from targets easier. It's all here with the ICS Hunter. 
And it's available now.

Components ICS 500 Shafts  ICS 400  Shafts  ICS 340 Shafts Super Nock ICS Hunter Insert
Weight  7.4 gr/in 8.4 gr/in 9.3 gr/ in 13 grains 22 grains


Beman ICS Hunter arrows with 4' straight vanes $90/dozen
Beman ICS Hunter arrows with 4' straight feathers $95/dozen

Find your correct shaft length with our Beman Shaft Selection Chart